Monday, August 12, 2013

Taxi Driver (1976)

Today's film is Taxi Driver.  It was mostly a dull, flat film with a bunch of awkward moments in it.

The Taxi Driver is Travis, played by Robert De Niro.  He did a good job of portraying someone who is lonely, yet acts awkwardly to perpetuate his loneliness.  He has a crush on this girl who works on the campaign for Palantine.  He decides to go volunteer to be near her.  Problem is, he doesn't know anything about Senator Palantine or his viewpoints.  You would think with him being insomniac and all he might go and look this information up.

He scores a date with campaign girl and where does he decide to take her for their night out?  Of course, a dirty movie theater.  These are movie theaters that specialized in showing porn before the internet was invented.  And she actually goes inside with him.  I'm like:

But then she comes to her senses and leaves.  I felt so awkward for her, so awkward for him.  I do not like feeling this way.

Travis doesn't like where he lives because it is full of lowlifes.  Newsflash, that's all cities.  He spends a lot of time complaining about this.  Later, he comes up with the bright idea of shooting the Senator.  He has a nice workout scene, although it's not as impressive to watch as Christian Bale's workout scenes in the DK trilogy.  However, few things in life are.

I liked when he poured Schnapps over bread and added sugar to it.  I'm like, what is this, 5 minute bread pudding?

Since Campaign Girl no longer wants anything to do with him, he gets involved with a 12 year old runaway prostitute.  He hopes to reunite her with her parents.  After chickening out on shooting the senator like the pansy he is, he runs into the building where she works.  He shoots the pimps taking advantage of her, and after a brief stay at the hospital, is hailed a hero.  And the 12 year old goes back home to her parents.  So everyone is happy.  I will give this film a 7/10.

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