Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Night at the Opera (1935)

Today's film is A Night at the Opera, where the Marx Brothers crack jokes, and also there's an opera.  This is pretty standard Marx Brothers fare, with great one-liners from Groucho, and goofiness from the other two (especially Harpo, who speaks with a bicycle horn. And this time he doesn't cut things with scissors as much as he did in Duck Soup).  Zeppo is not in this film as he left to pursue a career as an agent.

The most memorable scene is when everyone piles into Groucho's cabin on the ship.  There ends up being a total of 15 people stuffed in this room.  Reminds me when I was an intern and tried to throw parties in my apartment.

Another great scene is when Harpo and Chico play the piano and harp.  Chico was really great playing the piano.  And then, once they reach the New York Opera, Harpo climbs straight up the flats and climbs the ropes like a monkey, all to get away from the police.  He ends up destroying a lot of the stage.  The funniest one-liner is when Harpo is sound asleep, and Chico says, "He has insomnia, he's sleeping it off".  That's funny right there.

Did I like this better than Duck Soup?  Mostly, yes.  Mainly because I didn't care for the songs in Duck Soup.  Today's film is more like 'comedy that happens to take place at an opera'.  I will give it a 6/10.

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