Friday, August 16, 2013

Moonstruck (1987)

Today's film is Moonstruck.  Normally I can't seem to enjoy romantic comedies, but this one is charming.  I was truly surprised by Cher.  I have never seen her act in anything before, and only thought of her as a singer.  But she is great!  It was her performance as Loretta that won me over.

Loretta lost her husband seven years ago in an accident and agrees to marry his friend, Johnny.  She doesn't love him and even admits this to her mother.  She just thinks he's a safe bet.  She goes to visit his brother, Ronny, (who hasn't spoken to his brother in 5 years) to invite him to the wedding.  Surprise! Ronny is played by Nicolas Cage.  Nicolas Cage is always entertaining in every film he's in.  Sometimes, he is not in the best of films.  But he is still entertaining.  I am glad we have movies like this (and Adaptation) that let him shine.

We know Loretta doesn't love Johnny.  But, Loretta surprised me by falling in love with Ronny!  Ronny is the personality opposite of his brother.  He's passionate and moody, while Johnny is more calm and pleasant.  In other words, there is no chemistry between Johnny and Loretta.  Chemistry and physical attraction are actually important parts of a relationship.  It's passion that sparks a relationship and friendship that keeps it.  Just my two cents as a married woman.

The best part about this movie is her family.  Now, I thought it may seem hard to relate to a New York Italian family, but it's not.  Families in New York are the same as Southern families. We love each other, we love to talk, and we especially love to eat.  We show our love with food.  Especially with my family. We're Egyptian, and hospitality and generosity are very important.  Having people visit gives me an excuse to bake.

The blossoming relationship between Loretta and Ronny is not the only thing going on in this film.  I thought Loretta's mom, Rose, was very funny.  She told her (about her fiance), "When you love them they drive you crazy because they know they can."  Rose believes her husband is cheating on her, and she's right.  Loretta and Ronny run into her dad while he's on a date with another woman!  They both agree to tell no one (since technically Loretta should be with Johnny).

Johnny has been away in Italy this whole time visiting his sick mother. He tells his mother that he plans to  marry and she recovers.  Johnny returns to New York and goes to see his fiancee.  When he arrives, everyone in her family and Ronny are in the kitchen.  He tells her that if he marries her, then his mother will die.  She totally forgets that this is good news and throws her engagement ring at him.  Ronny takes this opportunity to propose and even asks to use the same ring!  They all celebrate with champagne.

This movie is funny and full of great characters with a lot of personality. I had a fun time watching this.  I will give this a 7/10.

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