Saturday, August 10, 2013

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

I am so excited to get to watch Despicable Me 2!

 I liked this movie better than the first because the first one had the headache of introducing the characters.  Now that we know everyone, we can have fun!  Also there are new characters, in the form of Lucy, who partners with Gru, and her boss, Silas Ramsbottom (pff, bottom).  And there's the bad guy, El Macho, which is Spanish for The Macho.  Plus, Minions! 
Gru tries to go legit by producing jelly.  He decides to use mixed berries, every berry you can think of, to flavor his jelly. The result is nasty.  Did you know that bananas and avocados are types of berries?  I don't blame the minions for hating this jelly.  I never trusted anything flavored 'mixed berry'.  Which berries are mixed?  And who mixed them?  I don't trust this at all. 
As we have seen countless times, cartoons operate under their own laws of physics.  For example, El Macho fakes his death by strapping himself to a shark and explosives and falls into a volcano.  How did he get out?  Later in the movie, Lucy decides she wants to be with Gru while flying to Australia.  So, she opens the plane door, nothing happens to the passengers, and calmly jumps out while they cheer.  She then hang glides all the way back to America.
The girls.
I think most of the comedy comes from Gru's interactions with his girls.  He is trying his best to be a good dad, even giving up being a villain for them.  I found Gru to be especially funny because I am also the parent of a daughter.  When the fairy princess cancels coming to Agnes' birthday party, Gru dresses up for her, with hilarious results.  I, too, am forced to watch the Tinkerbell movies (there are a lot of them) and sing all the songs.  Nothing makes my daughter happier than when I sing the Tinkerbell songs.  I will not do this in public though.  While Agnes is still in her fairy princess phase, Margo is becoming interested in boys.  This presents another challenge for Gru.

In short, this is a funny family comedy that does not take itself too seriously.  I will give it a 6/10.

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