Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shame (2011)

This movie is overrated, melodramatic softcore porn. That is it.  It is ironic that a film with mostly sex scenes left me feeling completely unfulfilled.  This movie is an extreme waste of time.

First of all, sexual addiction is not a real, physical addiction.  Maybe there's a psychological need that these people have, but you don't get withdrawal if you don't whack off every 6 hours.  Does it release dopamine in the brain?  Of course it does.  So does food.  Same way food addiction isn't real either.  "Boo hoo feel sorry for me. I can't control eating huge portions because I have a cundishun."  Give me a break.  Stop eating at Mcdonalds you fat fucking cow.  There was a study done recently where so-called sex addicts were monitored by EEG while shown a variety of images, including sexual, romantic, and non-sexual.  Guess what?  The sexual images did not affect the measurements any more or less than the regular images, and certainly did not suggest that sexual addiction affects the brain.  You can read a press release of that study here.  And of course debate is going to continue over whether or not it's real.  People want it to be real because they are weak and want an easy out to their problems.

The film is the story of Brandon, a guy who wants to have sex with his sister.  That's pretty obvious.  But he's ashamed of this and tries everything to hide it.  That's why he has so much anonymous sex.  That's why he watches porn at work and home.  He will do anything sexually satisfying to keep his mind off his sister.  He's safe until his sister crashes at his house.  He's angry but she reminds him that he gave her keys.  What is he nuts?  I would never give any of my sisters keys to my house.  But, he gave them to her because part of him still wants her there for sex.  The rest of him just pushes down this desire.  That's why he flips out when she starts spooning him in bed.

His sister wants him, too.  This is evident when she shows up in the kitchen for breakfast. She is wearing a sheer white shirt with no bra.  That is totally what I wear when I stay at other relative's houses too. She is always touching and grabbing on him.  Then when he finally comes to his sense, he kicks her out of the house.  She knows that he wants her and has been using this knowledge for a free place to stay.  She doesn't clean up her own messes, doesn't contribute in any way to helping pay bills, pick up groceries, nothing.  Now, faced with the responsibility of acting taking care of herself, she can't cope and tries to kill herself.  Good riddance bitch.

On top of this, bitchface decides to have sex with Brandon's best friend/boss because, again, she doesn't care.  When he hears his sister's moans from the other room, does the sexual noises make him grow weak and succumb to his 'addiction' by jacking off?  No, he gets dressed and runs around the block.  As we know, running releases endorphins and gives us a 'runner's high' which feels really good.  Oh no, is he going to be addicted to running now, too?

That's all there is to it.  This movie is about as deep as a toddler's wading pool.  I know what addiction is.  I do not need a movie to lecture me about it, especially something as inane as a sexual addiction.  I didn't lose half my body weight in one month because I was horny.  I'd tell the filmmakers to go fuck themselves, but they'd probably enjoy it.  I'm giving this film a 1/10.


  1. I didn't hate this movie as much as you did, but I also didn't like it. Just as you started off, I have never believed in sex addiction, either, so I therefore felt no empathy or sympathy for Fassbender's character.

    The glowing reviews that I have read of it, both at the time it was released and from the ones reviewing it for the club, all have one thing in common: the reviewer felt empathy for the main character, even if they couldn't understand him. And I can understand that with that emotion working then all the things that happen to him in the film would have a much larger impact on them. It just didn't happen to me.

    1. You're right. I have no sympathy for either Brandon or his sister. Sometimes I sound angry in my reviews but I'm really not. But I did not like this movie.

  2. You have no right to consider yourself a film critic or even an academic on any sort of level. Are you kidding me with this? If you dislike a film, say so with constructive and convincing language rather than My Little Pony gifs and "Good riddance, bitch." Seriously?

    1. I never said anywhere on this or any blog that I was a film critic or an academic. Perhaps you did not like my assessment that sexual addiction is not a true addiction. If you'll look at the top where it says "Why are you watching 1001 films", you'll see that I write these for my own benefit in between treatments for my illness. Also, I let my daughter pick out my gifs because it makes her feel useful. If you are looking for an intellectual assessment, there are five better reviews on the 1001 Movies Blog Club. Here is the link: