Friday, August 9, 2013

Khaneh siah ast (The House is Black) (1963)

Today's film is a short documentary giving us a glimpse into the lives of people living with leprosy in northern Iran.  It graphically shows us the damage their bodies have sustained, while the people narrate with flowery verses from the Koran.   They praise God for the beauty of the world and give thanks for their lives, while in reality they are truly suffering.  I noticed how no one bothered to thank the doctors taking care of them.

In one scene, a teacher asks his student why he should thank god for his mother and father.  He replies that he doesn't know because he has neither.  Life on the leper colony is very difficult for everyone there.  Today, leprosy is curable and almost 95% of people are naturally immune.  But still, there are leper colonies all over the world.  There are charities such as the Leprosy Mission that are dedicated to helping people with the disease improve their lives.  This documentary is short yet powerful and still relevant today.  I will give it an 8/10.

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