Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (1975)

Are you ready for an adorable stop-motion animation?  Today's film is Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

In the English dub, the names have all changed. The original names are in parentheses. Theodore Rimspoke (Reodor) is a fantastic mechanic who lives way up high on a cliff with his two assistants, Sonny (Solan) and Lambert (Ludvig).  Sonny is an energetic and determined morning bird (or magpie), while Ludvig (who looks like a yeti but is actually a hedgehog) is more cautious and worrisome. 

Theodore's former assistant, Rudolph (Rudolf), steals his plans to build an awesome race car.  Sonny convinces Theodore to build an even better race car and challenge him.  He also convinces an oil baron to sponsor them.  It helps that one girl in his harem is a magpie just like him.
Theodore and his assistants build the race car with a super cool engine, despite his ex-assistant's attempts to sabotage.

But here comes the day we have all been waiting for!  The Grand Prix!  Keep in mind that part of the car has been sabotaged, which will affect the driver later in the race.  That totally provides more drama.  The race itself was not as exciting to me.  After all, a race is a race.  But I know a lot of people enjoy watching them.
Sonny, who is driving, uses some of the gadgets to help him win.  He uses the radar to help him navigate when Rudolph sets smoke everywhere.  And of course he wins.  It's a family film.  Overall, I believe this is a quality animation for both children and adults alike.  I will give it a 7/10.


  1. I saw this film when I was a child as "Bjergkøbing Grand Prix" and the car was called "Il Tempo Gigante" which is just hilarious.
    I remember I loved it so much that for many years this was my favorite animated feature.

    1. This our one of our favorites, too. I want to show that not only Japan and the US make great animated films.