Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heaven and Earth Magic (1962)

Today's animated film is Heaven and Earth Magic.  I can't even properly describe it as an animated feature.  It's a bunch of random paper cut-outs doing random things.  Really really random things.  And it's not even well made.  It looks like a bunch of high school kids did this for an art project.

The worst part about this is not that it doesn't make any sense, but that it is terribly boring.  You might want to do other things while watching this.  You might want to crochet a hat.  Or paint your nails.  Or make a model sailboat.  Hell, if want to get up and make a snack, that's okay, you will not miss a thing.  Here is a depiction of me trying to watch this:

This was awful and boring.  This is the lowest form of art I have ever seen.  I cannot properly call it art; I consider it garbage.  I will give this 'film' a 1/10.

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