Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Wedding Banquet (1993)

This movie is, above all, about lies.  The lies we tell our parents. The lies we tell our children. 
Wai-tung and Simon are living together in New York. Wai-tung is terrified of coming out to his traditional parents, so he literally fakes an entire wedding and wedding banquet just to fool them.  His "bride" is a female tenant (Wei-Wei) desperate for a green card, so there's something in it for her too.  I learned a lot about Chinese/Taiwanese customs, which were very interesting.

The elaborate wedding banquet was stunning. There were so many people! And the wedding night was interesting because everyone piled in the honeymoon suite and partied hard. That was quite funny.
But here comes the part that I hate. And I fully expected this to happen as this is a very predictable film. 

Ok, here it is. Guess what. Even though Wai-tung and Wei-Wei don't mean to, Wei-Wei gets pregnant. From the first try.  We find this out quickly because she is very nauseous at breakfast time.  Oh, yeah, sure because morning sickness happens the same week you get knocked up.  This shouldn't happen until at least the 4th or 5th week. I mean, she doesn't even know if her period is late.  What does this movie teach us? If you have sex and throw up the next day, you're pregnant! Getting pregnant/having a baby without meaning to is so tired and cliche in romantic comedies.  Cheesiness and constant cliches are the main reasons I can't stand watching romantic comedies.  As someone who had a very difficult time having a safe pregnancy and being stuck on bedrest from day one, this is how I felt watching all this:

 Also, Florida represent! So, Wai-tung and his mom are keeping a secret from his dad, and his dad and boyfriend are keeping a secret too. All of them need therapy. I give this movie a 6/10.

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