Friday, June 7, 2013

American Psycho (2000)

Look at this blog post. The font is Times New Roman, set by Google Chrome's advanced settings.  It is an easily readable font in a decent size.  The background is pink, dainty and feminine.  It is exquisite.  My god, it even has a timestamp.

That is one of the few things Patrick Bateman cares about.  He notices that he is human in every way, except he believes he is void of most emotion.  However, he does have emotion. He has greed, rage, and in the end, panic. What he lacks is empathy.  Bateman is a textbook case of psychopathy (or what we would call a sociopath).

Bateman is trapped in the sterile, materialistic world of the yuppies in the 1980's.  The only thing they do is make reservations for various restaurants, and party in nightclubs. Their lives are shallow and meaningless, and Bateman cannot cope in this environment.  His desire to kill and destroy becomes stronger and he eventually becomes careless.  Although, there are few things hotter than seeing him run butt naked down a hallway brandishing a chainsaw.

Even after confessing to all these murders, no one cares.  He goes to one of his victim's homes, and it has been scrubbed clean and being shown to potential tenants.  No one cares if someone died there, they just want to own the beautiful apartment in a great location. Again, Bateman cannot escape the cold cleanliness of his world.  He gets no rush from the killings.  He received no catharsis from confessing.  Nothing changed.  Nobody will miss the victims, and no one acknowledges the murders.  And we are left feeling as empty as Bateman does.  This film receives a 6/10.

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