Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bank Dick (1940)

Today's film is the equivalent of a Three Stooges movie with hardly any violence.  It accomplishes this by being a slapstick comedy (short of slapping each other all the time) and having similar puns and gags throughout. Also, there is not really a plot. And Shemp's in it too!
So Souse (with an apostrophe on the e because that's important) drinks a lot, then directs a film because the real director is too drunk. He then accidentally catches a bank robber and is hired as a "bank dick" to guard the bank. Thus the first part of the plot is forgotten.  However it is very quickly remembered at the end.
When the bank inspector gets "sick", Souse calls in his doctor friend. He gives him a bottle of pills which are actually ping pong balls and tells him to take them. The inspector mentions he has a daughter and Souse says, "I like children...girl children, between 18-20".
The acting is terrible, but they do have good comedic timing. Especially when Souse punches that guy in the face and he crashes through the window because he lied about the stocks.  It's a very visually comical movie. I will give it a 5.5/10.

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