Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roman Holiday (1953)

Today's film is the sweet and somewhat dull romantic comedy, Roman Holiday. It stars Audrey Hepburn in her first role.  My mom always told me that Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn were mother and daugther.  Turns out they are not.

Audrey Hepburn plays Princess Ann, who is tired of being in the spotlight and wants a day off.  She throws a fit one night, is given medicine by the royal doctor, and falls asleep.  She awakes in the middle of the night and takes off into the city.  This is the first time she has ever been anywhere without her chaperones.  Unfortunately the medicine the doctor gave her was a sedative and she falls asleep.  Joe, an American reporter living in Rome, finds her and tries to pawn her off on a taxi driver so she can get home.  The taxi driver won't take her and now Joe is stuck.  He doesn't want to leave her alone because it's not safe to fall asleep outside in a city, so he takes her home.  She sleepwalks and sleeptalks her way into his apartment and comfortably cuddles up in his bed. He drags his couch around to the bed, takes the sheets, and flips her off the bed onto the couch. 

Harry wakes up at noon and wanders in late to work. When he sees the newspaper, he recognizes a picture of the princess as the girl from last night.  He convinces his boss that he will interview the princess and goes back home.

Harry gives her 1000 lire to get by, and tells her it's worth $1.50 in American dollars.  She gets food, a new outfit, a haircut, and new shoes with this.  Either she is a smart shopper or $1.50 goes a really long way in Italy. 

Harry and his photographer friend, Irving, meet her at a cafe.  She has her first cigarette (and doesn't cough like a first-timer should) and Irving snaps her photo with his neat little lighter camera. Then Harry and Ann take a ride around town on a scooter.  Then Ann insists on driving herself and nearly wrecks the whole town.

Later they go to a party, where her country's secret service are waiting in ambush to get her.  She and the two guys fight them off, and she even whacks one with a chair.  I thought the fight/party scene was so funny.
I liked her costumes.  They looked very stylish for the '50s.  Also they show off the fact that Audrey Hepburn has the tiniest waist I have ever seen.  If I could go back in time, I would bring $2.00 to 1950's Italy and buy a whole wardrobe of cute outfits (and cute sandals)!  

Also, it did have a more realistic ending rather than fairytale ending.  I enjoyed watching this even though it was romantic. I will give it a 6.5/10.

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