Tuesday, June 4, 2013

His Girl Friday (1940)

Today's film is His Girl Friday. It's...okay.  It's not great nor groundbreaking. If it were a paper written in class, the teacher would put a smile face sticker with the words "good effort" on it.
Rosalind Russell was great as Hildy, but what did they dress her in? All the stripes go every which way! Whoever designed this outfit should be ashamed of themselves.
So basically what happens is Hildy marches into her ex-husband's office to announce she's marrying a lame insurance salesman and quitting her job.  Hildy and her ex-husband both work for the newspaper. But as a case breaks out surrounding a condemned man and an upcoming election, we slowly realize that Hildy and her ex, Walter, are exactly alike. They have the same drive and same personality. Normally we assume that opposites attract, but in this case alike attracted. That's probably why she became so irritated with him.
I knew she wasn't really going to go away with Bruce the insurance agent.  Especially when I heard they were going to live with his mother.  If any man every asks you to move in with his mother, you run.  Run away as far as you can.
Cary Grant was okay in this movie. I kind of feel like this is the same character he played in The Philadelphia Story, only he's in a different environment.
When I watched this, I had to turn the subtitles on, because they talk way too fast.  It was the only way I could understand what they were saying. I feel I missed out on most of the jokes because they were talking so fast. One of the main parts of comedy is timing, and certainly no one in this movie had that. I'm going to give this film a 5/10.

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