Friday, June 21, 2013

A Visit to a Small Planet (1960)

So, late at night, I decided to watch a fun science fiction B-movie from the '60s.  I was wrong.  This is not a B-movie, something that's inferior in quality yet fun to watch.  NO.  This film came from the bottom of the barrel.  A barrel so deep I need a ladder to climb out.
What makes this movie so awful?  Two words: Jerry Lewis.  He plays a teenage alien on a faraway planet that takes a joyride to Earth.  The aliens just look like humans.  Even the original Star Trek had better humanoid aliens.  There is nothing to let us now that they're aliens.  It's a science fiction film, you need to sell it or I won't buy it.  Plus, for a comedy, no one is funny. At all.  Jerry Lewis is so irritating, like a mosquito buzzing near your ear and you want to slap yourself in order to get rid of it.  I cannot stand his voice.  I cannot stand his mannerisms.  I cannot stand his face.
The dialogue was obviously written by high schoolers.  All of the jokes are either sex jokes or physical comedy. Also the culture of his alien world is the stupidest concept ever.  There's lots of eyeroll inducing moments in this movie.  I know that Jerry Lewis does not like female comedians, but trust me if I ever wanted comedy advice, he's the last person on Earth I would consider asking. 
Even for a late night B-movie, this is just pathetic.  This awful, beyond awful.  This is a shit-fest and a half.  I wish that I had one of those neuralyzers from Men in Black so I could flash myself and forget this movie ever existed. I will give this film a 1/10.


  1. This sounds dreadful. The only movie I've ever liked Jerry Lewis in was The King of Comedy where he is bound and gagged most of the time.

    1. Oh, I hate Jerry Lewis so much. He is so degrading towards women and disabled people. He wrote an article for his stupid telethon saying: "I know the courage it takes to get on the court with other cripples and play wheelchair basketball, but I'm not as fortunate as they are."

      I will destroy him in wheelchair basketball.