Sunday, June 30, 2013

C'est arrivé près de chez vous (Man Bites Dog) (1992)

Here is a mockumentary about a serial killer. Squeee! Oh, this is going to be hilarious.  I am actually watching this movie right now.  The serial killer's name is Ben (who is also a thief) and he is being followed around by a film crew of three.

He kills someone on the train in the first 44 seconds.  Then, I got a little math lesson on how to sink bodies.  Doesn't matter here; they'd be eaten by gators soon anyways.

I learned that his friend lost her house because a developer built condos for old people.  I'm sure this film has some deeper meaning about imminent domain and the government being awful but I don't want to research anything right now.  After listening to him speak for a while, I believe this man is straight up crazy.  He is ranting about the bricks being red because of "Indians, violence and (red) wining and dining". WAT.  I thought bricks were red because they had iron in them.

He convinces the film crew to go with him to a seafood restaurant, even though they originally didn't want to.  He asks them what kind of wine they wanted with the mussels, red or white.  What an idiot.  Everyone knows the mussels go with white wine.  Uncultured swine!

He car chases another guy who escapes into what looks like an abandoned nuclear tower. They chase the guy and he shoots and kills the sound man!  Remy, the director, picks up the sound equipment and the cameraman keeps filming.  The two become more involved in Ben's crimes, first helping him chase victims and carrying away bodies.

I thought it was funny when they encountered another film crew.  Also every party they're at is cringeworthy because Ben cannot hold his liquor at all.  He also shoots someone at his birthday party and the guests just quietly sit there, covered in blood.

Ben is a rather stupid and careless criminal.  He shoots them all with the same gun.  So all of his victims will be traced back to him.  Also, he throws all the bodies into the river, so when the water is low, all of the bodies are visible.  I thought the movie dragged a bit.  I haven't learned anything about Ben's character. I've met his family, but there is no interview of them and I barely see anything of his home life. It's nothing but crime after crime.  I really don't care what happens to anyone in this film. I'm giving this movie a 6/10.

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