Friday, June 28, 2013

The Graduate (1967)

Today's film is The Graduate.  It stars Dustin Hoffman as Ben, who recently graduated from college. What is Ben to do now?  He could get an internship, a job, or maybe get his PhD or something.  What does Ben do?  He lies in the sun on a float in the pool all day long.  That's okay for awhile but eventually he's going to have to suck it up and make something of himself.

Then, Ben goes to a house party and meets Mrs. Robinson, a sexy cougar.  I don't know if the term cougar existed back then, but women who are into younger men can't be something new.  It's just more common that the man is older and the woman is younger, but it's not like it's required. Anyway, Mrs. Robinson is sexy, knows what she wants, and is totally in charge.

The soundtrack is mostly songs from Simon and Garfunkel, which gives it a gentle, folksy '70s feel.  I know this film came out in 1967, but I always associate S&G with the '70s.  Probably because their album "Bridge Over Troubled Water" came out in 1970.
After being with Mrs. Robinson for awhile, Ben meets her daughter, Elaine.  I was not impressed with Elaine and thought she was a bland character.  Ben ditches Mrs. Robinson to chase after her daugher.  This is some true Jerry Springer stuff happening right here.  Elaine goes off to college and Ben totally stalks her there.
Ben's stalking makes me uncomfortable.  Even at Elaine's wedding, he interrupts by banging on the glass.  Does she scold him for interrupting her wedding. No, she leaves with him. On a bus.  Wat.  I hope she's happy with her stalker.  I mean, if she didn't leave her fiance at the alter so quickly, she probably would have cheated on him within the year anyway.  Just saying.
So Ben ends up with Mrs. Robinson's daughter because he wants a younger version of her.  And everyone's okay with this.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dustin Hoffman's and Anne Bancroft's performances.  I will give this movie a 6/10.

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