Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Senna (2010)

Here's a documentary on the fast paced world of Formula One racing. Personally I like watching the Grand Prix rather than NASCAR; I think the races are more exciting. They even race in the rain!

Aryton Senna was a racer in the 1980's and 90's.  He started off as a go-kart racer in his native Brazil, and graduated to Formula One a few years later.  He had a natural talent for driving, but never played the politics game of racing.  For this, he was put in bad situations. His rival, Prost, used his knowledge of the politics of the racing game to strip Senna of his first championship and got him suspended. Did he deserve it? No, but the bitter rivalry made for great TV and made Formula One even more popular.

In the 90's, Prost's team got this neat car that was totally computerized, and a lot more high tech than any other car in the Grand Prix.  Nobody, not even Senna, could outrun this car. Prost easily won the championship.  Later, he was fired for making fun of the Ferrari brand. Lol, he deserved it. He is such a jerk.

The next year, Senna was hired by Prost's former team to drive the computerized car. However, right after he was hired, computerized cars were banned by race officials because they provide an unfair advantage. It is really tough luck that the jerk Prost was able to win even though Senna is a better driver, and now Senna can't even have the same advantages Prost has. It seems this was done on purpose. Unfortunately, removing all the computerized parts made the car harder to drive.  This made Senna's car lose control on a turn and crash, leaving him with a fatal head injury.

Senna was a hero to his native Brazil during his time, and will always be remembered as one the most talented drivers ever. His memory lives on in a charity founded by his sister, that focuses on helping underprivileged children.  After his death, safety measures were increased and there has not been another death in Formula One racing since.  This is a well made documentary and receives an 8/10.

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  1. It is not a great documentary if you end up thinking that prost was "the jerk" and Senna the "nice guy", where in real life, when you consider the whole picture, it was almost the opposite.

    This film has been heavily criticized in F1 circles because of this.