Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Robert Redford and Paul Newman were great in this movie and in the movie The Sting.  Also, they are very handsome.  I could probably have watched them play two hours of World Championship Poker and been enthralled.

Paul Newman plays Butch Cassidy, the leader of the Hole in the Wall Gang, and Robert Redford plays the Sundance Kid.  They rob trains with dynamite, and then play poker.  One of Butch's gang members challenges him to a knife fight, so he kicks him in the balls and knocks him out.

Then, Butch rides a bicycle with a hot lady, Etta, while the song "Raindrops keep falling on my head" is playing, which is exactly what I expect when I watch a Western.  The funniest part is when they blow up another train but used enough explosive for like 5 trains and there was this epic explosion.

After the robbery, a posse is sent out to follow and capture them.  Butch and the Kid toy with the idea of either joining the Spanish-American War or going to Bolivia. They end up going to Bolivia. First, they go to New York City with Etta, who appears to be their mutual girlfriend. They see the sights, shop, and live like high society.  They hop on a steamship to Bolivia. When they arrive, they realize that it's a craphole. What did they expect?  Butch and Sundance go to rob their first bank and discover they don't understand anyone. Omg, I am dying with laughter.  They didn't bother to learn any Spanish before they went. And besides, they're white people in a South American country in the 19th century.  People are going to notice them and remember them.

 I do have to say one thing about Etta.  It's supposed to be the year 1898, not 1969 (the time it was filmed).  Yet she is wearing smoky eyeshadow and too much eyeliner.  At least try to get the makeup somewhat accurate. She is taking me out of the film.  Also, the bruise on Sundance's face is the exact same shade of smoky eyeshadow. And, the blood on any character is far too orange to be regarded as real blood. The makeup department seriously failed in this movie.

Even though there are some flaws, overall the movie is quite funny with some action, and I will give it a 7/10.

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