Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Intolerance (1916)

The word "epic" was actually created to describe this film.  Here we get four films for the price of one. And it's a good thing we get title cards to explain everything because it switches from story to story randomly. I'm giving this film an 8/10.

What are the four stories?

 One focuses on modern times (1916), where a girl's life go from bad to worse at the hands of do-gooders who honestly think they're helping society. Will she ever catch a break?           Amazing acting right here. You can truly tell she's sad. When the director tells her to emote more, that is some emoting!  I did like the car chasing the train scene.                                                                      
The next story is about the French Catholics versus the Protestants. I don't know what the difference is, but they hate each other.  Very nice period costumes here. I like the attention to detail.

Third, we have the story of Jesus and some things he did in the Bible, like save a woman's life.  He also turns water into wine at a party.  The best I can do is turn Dr. Pepper into ammonia. Jesus is the best kind of friend to bring to a party.

Lastly, we have the story of the fall of Babylon. This is the story with the most amazing setpieces. Here's one right now!

All of the sets were built for this movie. There are some spectacular battle scenes, even one with a guy cutting someone's head off.  The makeup and special effects focusing on the battle wounds is very impressive for the time it was made.  Even to today's standards, the buildings, large gate doors, and temples of Babylon are grandiose in scale.

At the end, we see angels watching over the people of Earth in the midst of battle. Again, how did they do this without any technology?               Here's another thing I loved. The colors. There are scenes that are sepia, purple, blue, green. Skittleriffic! Why can't all "black and white" pictures be like this? I'd be more apt to watch them. It definitely cuts up the monotony of the constant greyness.

Last but not least, Vintage Boobies. You're welcome.

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