Saturday, May 18, 2013

Midnight Cowboy (1969)

I decided to watch a movie that had won a best picture Oscar, so I chose Midnight Cowboy, which won in 1969. What else was nominated? It was Anne of a Thousand Days, Z, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Hello Dolly!. Still trying to figure out why this one was chosen over the rest.

When they say "cowboy" they meant "hustler (male prostitute)". Was it the director's intention to use someone completely unattractive, vapid, and loud mouthed?  And he never stops bouncing when he stands! Stop Fucking Bouncing all the time! I get restless just watching him go about the city. Plus he wears those glaring cowboy shirts and neckties like he's Howdy Doody. Look at him:

Bleh. Maybe I'm spoiled. My husband has a strong Alabama accent, dark skin, dark hair, and was on the high school bull-riding team. That my friends, is a true Southern gentleman, not the idiot as portrayed above. So we observe him wandering the city, trying to pick up women for his business. I can't even feel sorry for him because he's just so goddamn stupid. The only saving grace in the whole movie was Dustin Hoffman, and he wasn't even that great because he insisted on sounding like Bugs Bunny the entire time. I'm giving this film a 5/10.

I'm onto your game, Joe Buck. I mean
Governor Rick Scott.

          However, as I was watching this, I couldn't help but think I had seen Joe Buck before somewhere. And then it dawned on me. At the end of the movie he rides the bus to Florida. And he's still here today.  He is still just as stupid (when there was a meningitis scare, he announced a public contact number but accidentally gave out the number to a phone sex line), makes poor choices, is completely unattractive, and is more than welcome to leave Florida as soon as possible.  We don't need you.

He even has stylish boots! Perfect for a "cowboy".

Ah hah! Still going about your old cowboy ways? How many
secrets do you have, Governor?


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