Thursday, May 23, 2013

Frankenstein (1910)

A quick look at Wikipedia tells me that there are 63 films based on the story Frankenstein. That's a lot! Today I'm watching the very first film adaptation.

It says at the beginning of the film that it is a liberal adaptation. And I actually liked that.  Films don't necessarily have to be exactly like the book. With this being the first Frankenstein film ever made, I was kind of surprised they took so many liberties.  When I think of Frankenstein, I think of a steampunk laboratory in a scary castle, with lightning flashing. (Remember that the name Frankenstein refers to the scientist, not the monster! I keep forgetting that.)

Instead of sewing up decaying body parts for his monster, Dr. Frankenstein creates a very scientific potion and tosses into a tub. From that, the body grows, like a plant.  It may look silly now, but the effect of the monster being created is commendable for 1910.

The monster is grotesque and stalks Dr. Frankenstein and his wife.  But then, he looks in the mirror and realizes what a monster he is. So he vanishes! But, his reflection remains. This is possible because mirrors are actually portals into other time dimensions (if we're following the multiverse theory). So the monster goes to a dimension where he'll be more accepted.

Dr. Frankenstein sees the monster as a reflection in the mirror. So, we see that the monster he created was an extension of the evil in his mind. And when it vanished, the evil in his mind vanished too. I'm giving this film a 6/10.

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