Sunday, May 5, 2013

L'âge d'or (The Golden Age) 1930

For the first few minutes, we get to learn all about scorpions. They truly are fascinating creatures.

Then, the title card said, 'Picturesque Views of the City', and that's exactly what we get. Suddenly, we see a man kicking a violin down the street.  I am sure it was a very bad violin that called him names.

The poor man and woman keep trying to make love, but are continually thrwarted.  Probably because they keep trying outside where people can see them. The only time we ever see the inside of her bedroom is when she walks in and there's a cow on her bed! I hate when that happens.

There is a fancy dinner, and they keep trying to get it on outside.  So many weird abstract things happen.  But alas, the man is dragged away from the woman again.  He goes into a room and relieves his pent-up desire and frustration by throwing things out the window.
After this, it inexplicably switches to a castle, where a giant orgy has been held. Then Jesus walks out.  I really can't say much about this film because it's very abstract. I know that the film makes fun of the stuffiness of organized religion and high society. It just does it in a really odd way. I will give this film a 6/10.

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