Tuesday, May 28, 2013

San Pietro (1945)

Why does every man in the '40s talk out of the side of his mouth? Enunciate!!!

This is nothing more than a propaganda piece done by the U.S. Army.  The narrator only refers to the other side as enemies. Not Germans or Italians, not people, not men and women. Enemies. The narrator seeks to dehumanize them as much as possible. When the camera pans over the American soldiers, they are all smiles.  When the camera focuses on the dead, they are being placed neatly in white bags. Their hands are carefully folded. When the camera focuses on the enemy dead, the bodies are sprawled out in grotesque positions; their eyes and mouths wide open. After the battle, the townspeople return from their hiding places in the mountains to their homes, "the children all laughter and smiles". Meanwhile, the camera pans over their homes, which are blown to smithereens (the narrator never mentions this).

Unless you're in a high school history class and need to write a paper about World War 2 battles, there is no reason for you to watch this movie. I'm giving this movie a 4/10.

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