Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rear Window (1954)

This movie made me so mad!  For the first half of the movie, the main character, Jeff, spent the whole movie complaining about how he has nothing to do because he's stuck in a wheelchair. Excuse me? I'm disabled and I get out and do lots of things.  I watch movies, write, read books. I have a full time job and sometimes I even drive.  So there's no reason for his constant whining. Then his girlfriend comes by and brings him a lobster dinner and he tells her to shut up! Twice! You don't ever tell a lady to shut up. That is disgusting.

And, he's just rude to everyone who tries to help him.  And he didn't even really see anything going on in the other apartment. Everything he assumed was just speculative. He just got lucky.  Then, the stupidest part of the movie is when the neighbor goes over to Jeff's apartment. Does nobody up north lock their doors? Then he goes and drops him out of the window.  Really? If he was so careful killing his wife that not even the detectives suspected anything was wrong, why would he be so careless as to drop a guy out of a window?  Why couldn't he have killed him in the apartment, especially since he was "too useless" being in a wheelchair.   Honestly, I could have killed him much more efficiently than that.  The only reason he was in a wheelchair to begin with is because he was a stupidass who stood in the middle of a racetrack.  I have no sympathy for him.  He is rude, horrible, and does not deserve his girlfriend. Everything he did and said is offensive to actually disabled people like me, who have much better things to do than ogle at girls through a window and just happen to think he saw something else because he's bored.  There is never an excuse to be bored.  And this movie wasn't even that thrilling or exciting at all. The whole thing was just speculative and then lucky.  This movie gets a 2/10 for pissing me the hell off.

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