Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Thing (1982)

  This movie is so scary! The alien monster thing is scary, but what's worse, is not knowing what the monster could be. It mimics other life forms, so your friend could really be the monster in disguise. It's the distrust of the characters in the movie, not knowing who your enemy, and the cold isolation of the setting that makes the movie even scarier.


  1. This horror film was a classic! Especially Rob Bottin's Monster Special Effects are creepy COOL!!! New guys really should get thousands of monster FX artists to do the great special makeup monster effects and millions of bladder-FX to monster transformation FX that are as creepy as Rob Bottin's.

  2. I really want other new horror filmmaking people to do millions of weird special makeup effects, the weird creature puppetry FX, and many more weird air-bladders special effects to make ten to twenty awesome new 'THE THING' sequels.