Friday, October 4, 2013

Willard (1971)

Today's film is Willard, a slow paced and cheesy film.  Willard is a mousy, timid guy who never stands up for himself.  He was squeezed out of the family business by his boss.  He claims that his boss killed his father and he doesn't dispute it.  After his mother dies, he learns that he owes lots of taxes and mortgage on his family's large home.  He refuses to sell it, so his boss fires him so he'll be forced to sell.

Willard's only friends are a white rat named Socrates and the mischievous black rat, Ben.  He has other rats in the basement that keep multiplying, very quickly.  He teaches them words and eventually gets them to follow his command.  He sets them out at his nasty boss' dinner party and causes a ruckus.

He lets his two rat friends come with him to the office on Saturdays.  Someone discovers them in the storeroom and his boss kills Socrates.  Willard comes back with his horde of rats and orders them to attack him.  Willard goes back home and drown all the rats, that is, except Ben.  Ben is furious and returns with his own horde of rats and they all eat him!

This film was so cheesy.  I will give this a 5/10.

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