Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween (1978)

I know it's early, but today's film is Halloween.  It's a typical slasher flick where a psychopathic killer stalks and kills random innocent teenagers in a supposedly safe neighborhood.  I have a few gripes with this film.
First gripe:  It's not Halloween. At all. It looks like a warm spring day.  I could believe this if it took place here in Florida, where the seasons don't change much, but it takes place in Illinois.  There should maybe be some snow on the ground, or at least the leaves should be changing colors.  There should be some signs of fall, and I don't see any.  My husband pointed out that even the oak trees were fully green.  Good catch.

My second problem is with Annie, the girl who was murdered in the car.  She spills something on herself in the kitchen, takes all her clothes off except her lingerie, puts on an oversized white shirts, and calls it a day.  She walks outside to her laundry room pants-less and walks across the street pants-less to drop off Lindsey, the girl she is babysitting.  She couldn't find another pair of pants in that entire house? None? She just wraps a plaid blanket around her and thinks that's okay.
I've seen this film several times since I was little because my mom says it was filmed in her and her friend's houses.  Which is neat, but when my mom told the little me that we were going to watch a film made in her house, I was not expecting it to be so scary!  Luckily my mom pointed out objects and parts of their houses I didn't notice so I forgot how scary it was.
Remember the little girl Lindsey, who constantly ignores Annie?  My mom told me she named me Lindsey after this film because I am always ignoring her, but I don't believe her.  Also, she said many other things about this film but I was not listening.
Another thing, after the teenage couple have sex upstairs, the guy walks downstairs to grab his girlfriend a beer.  Then, after he is attacked and stabbed, he is fully clothed!  When does he have time to put all of his clothes and shoes on just to walk downstairs?  And why doesn't anybody close that kitchen door?  It appears that all of Michael Myer's victims are promiscuous teenagers, starting with his older sister.  Interestingly, Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Janet Leigh, who played the famous shower victim in Psycho.

One more thing: Why can't Michael Myers die?  He was stabbed in the throat with a knitting needle, stabbed with his own knife, shot several times, thrown out of a window, and still runs away.  My theory is that he cannot feel any pain, emotional or physical, and getting hurt only makes him angrier.  Still, he could have bled to death.  I don't know.  There are so many discrepancies that take away from my enjoyment of this film.  I will give this film a 6/10.

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