Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Today's film is Let's Scare Jessica to Death.  Yeah more like Let's Bore the Audience to Death.   The film is slow paced, hardly anything happens and nothing is resolved.  Also it doesn't really end.

Jessica has been released from a psychiatric hospital for vague reasons and travels with her husband and male friend into the countryside.  They move into a terrifically creepy looking farmhouse with hopes of starting an apple orchard.  Inside, they find a redheaded woman squatting and decide even though she is a stranger, they should let her stay.  Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

The town they live in is creepy too.  How come there are no other women living there?  Just old men with knife wounds on their neck.  They don't like newcomers at all.  Jessica and her husband raid the house for things to sell to the antique dealer.  One is a wedding photo from the attic.  The bride looks just like the squatter.

A mute girl dressed in white, the only other female in the movie, leads Jessica to the body of the antique dealer.  Of course, the body has been later moved and no one believes Jessica that he is dead.  Her husband becomes sick of her schizophrenic tendencies and goes to bed on the couch, only to make out with the redhead.  Jessica starts to wonder if she is going crazy again or if weird things really are happening.

She goes back into the attic and sees the wedding photo in the same place it was before they removed it.  She tells the redhead that she looks exactly like the bride in the photo.  Jessica is told the bride was named Abigail, and drowned before her wedding.  Now she is a vampire roaming the countryside.  How can a drowning victim turn into a vampire?

The worst part is there is no resolution at all.  Just a build up.  She doesn't even escape; just sits there in a rowboat staring at the townspeople.  If Abigail is a vampire, how is she walking around in broad daylight?  Do the filmmakers even know what vampires are?  This movie was terrible.  I am giving this a 3/10.

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