Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mad Max (1979)

Today's film is Mad Max.  I don't think I know enough about cars to fully appreciate this film.
The whole film is about dirty bikers in the Australian Outback and their constantly being chased by the MFP (state troopers).  The best and most handsome of the MFP is Max.  About 80% of this film is car chases, which is alright by me.  The bikers chase and run over Max's wife and baby and now Max is all kinds of mad.

I didn't see this as a film I 
definitely had to see before I die.  It's a simple film.  I didn't learn anything from it, I didn't feel for any of the characters, but I thought it was a fun movie with some exciting scenes.  I don't think it would have been so memorable if Mel Gibson wasn't in it. So I will give it a 5/10.


  1. The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2) is FAR better than this one. I think the editors picked Mad Max over The Road Warrior simply because it was the first one.

    1. I wish they would add more sequels like The Road Warrior and take out remakes like Nosferatu and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'd much rather watch a sequel than a remake any day.