Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grey Gardens (1975)

Today's film is Grey Gardens.  It's a documentary focusing on two women living in a decrepit old mansion.  Edith and her daughter Edie (or Little Edie) live together and are totally codependent on each other.

Edith is 79 years old and her daughter is 56.  I couldn't spend a whole day with them, because their lives are pretty boring.  Edie constantly talks about her past, how great it was, who she could have married and what she could have been.  She blames not being able to accomplish anything on her mother, who wouldn't let her.  Truth is Edie is the laziest person I have ever seen.

Their mansion, Grey Gardens, is falling apart and filled with bugs, raccoons, and cats. Neither woman will clean or fix up the house.  Two reasons: they don't know how and they are above menial tasks like cleaning and cooking.  They come from an era where they were recognized as high society and still act like it despite the lack of money.

This documentary was interesting but kind of boring.  I only halfway enjoyed it.  Therefore, I will give it a 5/10.

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