Sunday, October 20, 2013

Badlands (1973)

Today's film is Badlands.  You'd think a movie about a killing spree wouldn't be so dull.
Kip (Martin Sheen pre-Apocalypse Now) holds the most basic jobs, such as feeding cows and picking up trash. He sees Holly playing in her yard and asks her to go on a walk with him.  Throughout the film they change their names so it gets confusing.  One day, he walks into her house, shoots her dad, and burns the house down.  And she goes with him!
Sure, Kip is trigger happy, but has no emotions beyond that.  I don't see him get any sort of feedback from his kills. I thought the point of a serial killer was that he got a thrill or high from his kills.  He has no emotions to speak of.  I don't know why Holly tags along with him.  I don't think she knows why either.
Half the movie is Holly complaining of how bored they are in the desolate countryside.  Well shit, girl, I'm bored too. Their lives are as desolate as the countryside.  If you are looking for an action filled drama, don't be fooled by the premise of this film, because it's about as dull as they come. I'm giving this a 5/10

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