Monday, March 2, 2015

Marty (1955)

My family got to watch part of the Oscars and it was very enjoyable.  The only film nominated for best picture that I saw was The Grand Budapest Hotel which I watched because I watch everything Wes Anderson makes.  I really want to watch Birdman soon and I think it will be great.  Also, we were sad that Leonard Nimoy passed away, but he had a long life. I hope this gif makes you smile.

Today's film is Marty. It is an enjoyable film about two awkward people trying to find love.  Marty is the oldest of six children and the only single one.  Everyone wonders when he's going to get married.  He's only 34 but I think people got married young back then.  He hangs out with his single friends after work as a butcher.  Marty is always harrassed about why he isn't married yet, and he feels too fat and ugly to attract a woman.  But he's not fat or ugly. He always gets turned down for dates but he goes out to the dance hall anyway to appease his mother.
He meets Clara at the dance hall after she is dumped. She's not the prettiest woman, as evidenced by her lack of makeup, but she is really nice and smart. She is a chemistry teacher. He takes her home and later, his mom comes in.  His mom doesn't like Clara because she went to college and doesn't want to pop out a hundred babies to clean after.  Also, she only wants him to marry an Italian girl and tells Marty she doesn't like him.
Marty listens to his mom and doesn't call Clara when he's supposed to.  Meanwhile, his aunt moves in as well because she is terrorizing her daughter-in-law and her baby.  He goes out with his friends who can't figure out what to do that night.  They are in a state of boredom and want to find anything to do and that is the same as today.  Marty realizes that everyone around him is unhappy.  His married relatives yell at each other and fight, and his widowed aunt and mother always nag and fight.  The only person who was nice and happy was Clara, whom they don't want anything to do with.  Marty declares that he deserves to be happy and calls Clara to ask for another date.  It doesn't matter if someone isn't the same race or ethnicity as you, as long as they love you.  Marty stopped listening to people bringing him down.  That's a good lesson. Let haters be our motivators.  I will give this film an 8/10.


  1. I liked this one quite a bit, and it was well cast with Ernest Borgnine in the lead.