Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Today's film is Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Hugh Grant always looks so tired in every film he's in.  He needs to take some vitamins.  I liked this film because we get what we are promised.  It says "Four weddings and a funeral" and we get four weddings and a funeral.  This already gets bonus points.

So, Charles is afraid of commitment and not a very good boyfriend, either, as we learn.  He sees Carrie, an American, at a friend's wedding.  A few months go by, and he is invited to another wedding, which is great because the bride and groom fell in love at the previous wedding.  Charles and his roommate Scarlett are perpetually late to everywhere they go, and this includes very important events such as weddings.  It's funny to see them rush around.

Charles encounters Carrie again, and they spend the night together.  But surprise! She's engaged to a rich dude and never told him.  She's not married yet and already cheating on her husband, and Charlie is an unwitting pawn.  She is trouble.  She invites him to her wedding.  Since she is now unavailable, Charles settles for marrying one of his past girlfriends, but Carrie shows up and screws everything up.  Charles leaves his bride at the altar for Carrie, but not before getting punched in the face. 

The funeral in the title was for his close friend, who dies at Carrie's wedding of a heart attack.  You'd think it would be Carrie's husband who would die and free her to marry Charles.  Nope, she divorces her husband.  Since she was cheating on him with Charles, what's going to stop her from cheating on him as well? Oh, and they kiss in the rain.  That is really cliché, but I went to England before and it rained every day. So it might just be the weather. 

If you like Hugh Grant, then you'll like this movie.  He gives a strong performance.  Also, I was pleased to see a character that doesn't speak that can be taken seriously.  My daughter, Azalea, can now somewhat parrot whatever I say, which is funny when we watch Jeopardy! but still cannot form her own words or sentences.  She's great at signing though.  It's rare to see someone who talks like her in a film.  I will give this film a 7/10.


  1. I remember getting a laugh out of the scene where Grant's character asks MacDowell''s how many sexual partners she has had. She's never thought about it so she sits there verbally going through a count and reminiscing. As the number gets higher and higher Grant's face gets weirder and weirder since he's had less than 10.