Monday, March 30, 2015

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Today's film is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  I liked it because it had a happy ending, but not like you would expect.

In 1925, two Americans, Dobbs and Curtin (who is hot), are jobless and homeless in Mexico.  They meet an old prospector, Howard and decide to go gold-hunting in the wilds of Mexico.  They work really hard and actually find some gold.

One thing I don't understand is why Dobbs was in Mexico if he can't speak Spanish.  I mean, he doesn't understand a single word they say, and they spoke slowly enough where I understood everything.  What was he doing in Mexico then?  No wonder he can't find a job.

When Curtin goes to town to pick up supplies, he is followed by a guy from Texas named Cody.  Dobbs is suspicious that he will take their gold and wants to kill him.  Just then, they are attacked by stereotypical bandidos and the only casualty is the guy they didn't want there in the first place.  From his body they find a letter from his now-widow talking about his quest for riches and their orchard at home.

Howard the doctor prospector

As time goes on, Dobbs becomes more and more paranoid about his gold.  Meanwhile, some villagers arrive and ask Howard to take care of a boy who fell down a well.  He does some sort of ancient cpr and heals him.  Was Howard a doctor before he started prospecting? How did they know to specifically ask him for help over the others?

Dobbs shoots Curtin and leaves him for dead, and takes all of the gold for himself.  Howard the doctor/prospector cleans out his wound and they chase after Dobbs.  Without anyone to protect him, the bandidos catch up to Dobbs and kill him, but are too stupid to realize the shiny sand he's carrying is gold.  They are also too stupid to realize selling branded animals is a bad idea.

Curtin and Howard get their burros back, but find out that all the gold has been carried away by the wind.  Dr. Howard laughs at their predicament.  The mountain gives and the mountain takes away.  He goes back to the village to be the town doctor and live a life of comfort.  He convinces Curtin to visit Cody's widow in time for the fruit harvest.  So, the greedy bad guy who tried to kill them dies, and the bandidos die.  Everyone else lives happily ever after even without any gold.  I will give this film an 8/10.

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  1. This is an exceptionally good movie. The ending in particaular is exquisite. Maybe the gold was not what they were supposed to find on that mountain. Maybe it was a bigger truth about life that was waiting for them there.