Tuesday, February 17, 2015

From Here to Eternity (1953)

Since this Sunday is the 87th Academy Awards show, I decided to watch a film that won best picture a long time ago.  So I chose From Here to Eternity.  I was very disappointed in this film.

There are different plotlines happening throughout the film.  We start off with Robert Prewitt who transferred into a new unit in Hawaii because he was passed over a promotion as a bugle player. He thought he was a better bugle player and left.  Yes, that is what we start with.  The captain wants him to box but he is like no way.  He blinded someone while boxing so that is understandable.

The captain puts him through all kinds of torture because he won't box.  So, all these soldiers do is drink, go to nightclubs with "hostesses" (whores), box, play around and do generally nothing?  This is what my tax money is paying for?

The only thing I knew about this movie was the makeout scene on the beach.  Turns out the woman is cheating on her husband, the captain, with his second-in-command.  She won't leave him but she sleeps around behind his back.  She uses him for his position and power.  She is a coward.  Even her boyfriend doesn't want to stay with her when she tries to manipulate him into becoming an officer.

Meanwhile, lots more drinking and whoring happens, and also a knife fight.  Because according to Prewitt, who refuses to box, stabbing is okay apparently.  He does box, once, however an obvious double was used as they don't even have the same hair color.  Also Sinatra is in this and he is terrible.  But he dies so there's that.  In the last ten minutes, the Japanese bomb the area so they all run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Prewitt is wearing an Aloha shirt instead of his army clothes and gets shot for his poor fashion choices.

Prewitt's captain gets fired for treating him so badly because he wouldn't box.  In the book, he gets promoted instead.  However Hollywood was too chickenshit back then to insult the almighty government and maybe all soldiers and cops don't need to be worshipped.  The movie was a super sanitized version of the book. And who wants to watch that?  My disappointment makes me give this a 4/10.

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