Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Affair to Remember (1957)

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's film is An Affair to Remember.  It's about a couple that are engaged to different people that meet while on a cruise.

Nickie is a celebrity, but what is he famous for?  Basically the same thing the Kardashians are famous for; he's a whore.  He's engaged to a millionaire heiress.  Meanwhile, Terry is a stay-at-home girlfriend of a rich businessman.  They meet while on a cruise.  

It was funny how Nickie kept trying to flirt with her despite already being engaged. He has no shame.  A lot of times he reminded me of George Clooney.  One thing that bothered me is that if Terry is a trophy fiancee and has been for several years, how come she's not wearing an engagement ring?

They hang out on the ship together and people start noticing.  They try to stay away from each other, but they are not fooling anyone, especially the ship's photographer.

One thing that bothered me besides the fact she wore no ring, was that she couldn't lift the little boy on the ship and relied on Nickie to do it.  Later, she asks if he likes kids, indicating that she wants them.  Girl, that child is like 4 years old, and you can't lift him? How do you expect to raise children if you can't carry them? You need to work out.

One thing I thought was weird is that he took her to see his grandmother. He's engaged.  So, he takes another woman that's not his fiancee to meet her.  I wouldn't take random friends to meet my grandma, but then again, she's crazy.  At first, Nickie has to translate for Terry because she can't speak French, but then when grandma plays the piano, Terry reads the song and pronounces every word flawlessly.

As they leave the ship, they want to meet again, but they need to breakup with their partners first. This presents a huge problem.  Neither one of them has done a single day's worth of work in their lives.  They have always lived off their partners.  What should they do for a living? How will they support themselves?  Nickie wants to get a job painting, as that is his talent, and wants to earn money to support them both.  He is really maturing since he met Terry.

 Nickie has the idea of waiting 6 months to see if he can earn a decent living, then meet up with Terry if they want to continue their romance, which is also very mature.  Most movies would have them run off into the sunset without a second thought.  They didn't have Facebook messaging or texting back then, so they have to agree on a place to meet and might not have a chance to contact each other.  They decide to meet at the Empire State Building.

Nickie starts work painting, but doesn't use his real name to sign the paintings.  I thought he should because he would get more money for it.  He paints billboards as well.  He also painted a portrait of his true love without her knowing.

Meanwhile Terry's fiance Ken has figured out she's in love with Nickie and is surprisingly okay with it.  He loves her unconditionally and wants the best for her.  In six months, she goes to the Empire State Building and gets hit by a car because she is not watching the road, so let that be a lesson.  Ken comes and takes care of her, visits her in the hospital, helps her get a job, all while knowing she's in love with someone else.  She misses her meeting with Nickie and refuses to see him until she can walk again.

That is really dumb.  I lost the ability to walk four years ago, and it took surgery and lots of hard work to be able to walk with assistance, and then by myself.  And she thinks it's going to take less than a year?  Also, she knows that Nickie is a Kardashian, what's going to stop him from going to the next pretty face if he believes she's ignoring him?  At least she could talk to him.  If he truly loved her he wouldn't care.

Nickie finds Terry's name in the phone book and pays her a visit and is suprised by her condition. I am surprised by the fact there are stairs leading to the door. How does she get out?  He brings her his grandma's shawl and figures out that she lost her ability to walk because he figured out she was the one who bought his portrait of herself and his grandmother.  He doesn't love her any less because she's disabled, so they live happily ever after.  I will give this film 8/10.

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  1. This movie was immensely stupid and you lined up all the reasons why. These two characters are behaving so stupidly that they do not deserve my sympathy and Grant and Kerr should be ashamed to play so ridiculous characters. You gave it 8/10, I usually do not score movies, but this was such a groaner I would probably land on 2/10