Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Are you ready for fun happy musical?  Well me neither so today's film will be Saturday Night Fever.  This is the most '70s movie I have ever seen.

Tony works a menial job in a paint store, he can never please his parents, and he lives a mostly boring life.  Once a week, he and his friends go disco dancing at a nightclub.  There's a dancing contest, so he chooses a partner who seems somewhat snobby instead of his usual partner because she is too interested in a relationship with him.

Later, Tony gets a raise a work.  He shares it with his dad, but instead of being proud of him, his jealous dad puts him down every chance he gets.  Meanwhile, Tony's priest brother Frank, whom his parents practically worship, comes home because he quit his job.  He only became a priest because his parents pushed him into it, and now he has to figure out what he really wants to do with his life.  He tells this to Tony so he won't make the same mistake.

Tony's dance partner, Stephanie constantly brags about her job and namedrops all the time.  Tony has a crush on her, even losing his job to help her move.  Once she lets her guard down, we learn she has some problems too.

When Tony and his friends aren't working or dancing, they're either up on a bridge acting a fool, or being generally racist.  Also, scoring women is their #1 goal.  Tony and Stephanie enter the contest and are out-danced by a Puerto Rican couple.  However, Tony and Stephanie are awarded the prize.  Tony realizes the dance contest was rigged and gives the prize to the couple that should have won.  Then, he leaves his parent's house for good and travels on the subway to Stephanie's house. He has decided to stay away from his own and make a life for himself.  What kind of job will he have? What will he do now?  We don't know because the movie ends abruptly.  That was disappointing.  I will give this film a 6/10.

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