Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Muriel's Wedding (1994)

Today's film is Muriel's Wedding.  It's a film that teaches the lesson, be careful what you wish for because it might come true.

Muriel is a teenager who listens to ABBA records all day and dreams of the perfect wedding. She tries to be friends with the popular crowd who want nothing to do with her.  She has a spacey, absent-minded mom and an emotionally abusive dad who constantly promotes himself.

She is offered some blank checks by her parents to start a beauty consultant job (like Avon).  She immediately wipes their bank account clean and goes on vacation.  She goes to the very place where the popular girls are.  While there, she meets the free-spirited Rhonda, where dropped out of the same high school.  They become friends and move to Sydney together.

Muriel is still obsessed with the perfect wedding, doing some crazy things in her quest.  Such as trying on random dresses in the city and marrying a random guy out of an ad.  She gets the fairytale wedding she dreamed of, but she lost her friend in the process.  Her friend needs extra care and has to move back in with her mom, something no one wants to do.

After Muriel's mom's death, she realizes that she is a terrible person, and compares herself to her terrible dad.  She tells her husband she is tired of living a lie, and leaves him.  She goes to Rhonda's house and asks her to come with her back to Sydney.  Rhonda is happy to see her change and goes with her.  I liked this film because even though Muriel does terrible things, she learned from her mistakes and reconnects with her friend.  I will give it an 8/10.

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  1. this one was way better second time I watched it than first time. First I thought Muriel was just a wacky girl sturck in the dream world, but second time I realised there is a lot more to it. The scenes were Rhonda get ill are very strong and the soundtrack is really good (if you like ABBA).