Saturday, January 11, 2014

Macskafogó (Cat City) (1986)

Today's film is an animated feature from Hungary called Macskafogó (Cat City).

In this world, cats and mice live together in large cities.  The main cities are run by mice and the cats are gangsters who rob and kill them.  Even though this is not Earth, it's laid out exactly the same way and each land has the same cultures.  A secret agent is sent to "Pokyo" (mouse version of Tokyo) to bring back plans of a weapon guaranteed to stop the cats.  The evil cats catch wind of this and hire rats to follow him to steal the plans.

It's part dramatic adventure and part comedy.  I have heard that a lot of the comedy is lost in translation.  Most of the jokes are language jokes and puns in Hungarian that will not translate into English.  Puns can't translate from one language to another because of their nature.  Even without the jokes, I still enjoyed watching this.  It reminded me of Rescue Rangers or any other Saturday morning cartoon.  Yes, some of the scenes are more adult but there is nothing explicit.

The rats are remarkably stupid and the agent has an easy time of tricking them.  However, the cats are waiting in Pokyo to take the plans.  There is a side plot of a cop called Billy Bugle who flies to Pokyo to play his trumpet.  His plan crashes in the jungle and he travels through it until he meets some bats.  The bats are Mexican and their wings are ponchos.  There are a lot of stereotypes in this movie but it's supposed to because it's a spoof.  It spoofs action films, adventure films and American films in general, mainly the James Bond series.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I will give it an 8/10.

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