Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blonde Cobra (1963)

Time for us to enjoy yet another intriguing short, and this time it's Blonde Cobra.  Well, let's see.  My daughter/co-film critic is blonde, and I love snakes.  They're so cool.  This should be great.

Well nope.  Why do I have to watch all these shorts, they're so weird! Nothing happens in this movie, nothing! Half the time the screen is blank!  If I wanted to hear unfunny nonsense with no pictures I'd listen to the morning radio show!

I could have taken a hot 30 minute shower instead and gotten more out of life.  I fail to see how this is art, and it's definitely not a film.  I will give this film a 1/10. I believe that art is something that time and effort have been put into, and this is not it.  I realize that many foods are more artsy than this film, especially sushi.  So instead of getting upset at this terrible film, please enjoy these pictures of beautiful sushi:

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