Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kolja (1996)

Today's film is Kolja (or Kolya in some areas).  It's from the Czech Republic, and is a very sweet film.  It's about a cello player named Franta Louka, who totally looks like Sean Connery. After being let go from the philharmonic orchestra, he does odd jobs, including playing where he can, to make money.  His friend tells him about having a fake marriage so this Russian woman can have Czech papers so she won't be deported.  At first he's totally against it because it's a terrible and also illegal idea.  They don't even speak the same language.  She also has a five year old son, Kolja, and he has no idea how to interact with a child.

Right after she gets her papers, she goes to West Germany and leaves Kolja behind in the care of a relative.  Problem is, she's there to stay.  The relative suffers a stroke and Kolja is brought to Louka's house.  His friend convinces him to let him stay because it would look good for him to take care of his wife's child and the police are now suspicious of their fake marriage.

Despite being a confirmed bachelor, since he beleives that he can't have a musical career with a family, Louka proves to be a caring stepdad.  It's a challenge, mainly because they don't speak the same language.  However, Kolja is a good listener and picks up on the language quickly.  At night, Louka calls his friend, a Russian language teacher, to tell Kolya bedtime stories in his language.

Soon, the Russians leave the area for good, meaning Louka is no longer in danger from police.  Kolja's mom returns to pick him up.  But by this time, Kolja and Louka have bonded and are sad to see each other go.  This film is very sweet and everyone should see it.  I'm giving it an 8/10.

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