Monday, May 26, 2014

Things to Come (1936)

Today we watched Things to Come today.  It was awful.  It was made in the style of a grainy newsreel, everyone spoke in those awful 1930's newsreporter voices, and the whole thing was just an anti-war film disguised as a film about the future.  This was probably the wrong choice for Memorial Day, espeically with so many of my family being veterans.  We will give this a 4/10.

It starts off in the "future" of 1940 when war is threatened to last forever and destroy the world.  Everyone says that war will stop progress.  And it does.  The world all goes to chaos.  Plus, an epidemic of the "wandering sickness" spreads, but finally stops when all the infected people are shot dead.  Which totally makes sense because everyone knows you can't catch germs from a dead person.

Then comes the real future of past-2014, when we finally go to the moon.  They kind of underestimated our technological advances here.  Then there's a lot of preaching about progress and Azalea and I kind of tuned out.  Then it was over.

The main thing I hated was everyone had that 1930's newsreporter voices that boom.  Nobody talks like that, ever, not in a conversational way.  It really took away from the movie.  The whole thing felt like a giant newsreel, and it only focused on the negative parts of the future.  So we decided to think about positive things that exist instead:

  • More vaccines that can save lives.
  • Microwaves to heat up noodles
  • Crocs because they're comfy and people give us weird looks when we wear them and we don't care
  • Cameraphones - Are they camera or phone?  They are both!
  • Toasters.
  • Publix - where shopping is a pleasure - possibly the best grocery store
  • balloons
  • air conditioning
  • The internet that contains several lifetimes worth of knowledge yet I mostly use it to play games. The internet is also where we can make or watch educational or informational videos.  We're trying to make a video, but it's not going too well.
  • Poptarts
  • Pullups because they really help with toilet training - when she keeps all her clothes on, that is
  • there's so much more we can think about, but it's almost 11 so we'll stop for now.

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  1. Ha ha, nice. I would like to add icecream to the list..