Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zero for Conduct (Zéro de conduite) (1933)

Today's film is Zero for Conduct.  It's only 40 minutes long, but it's still not worth watching.  It's about a group of boys who return from vacation to school.  It turns out they don't like being in school.  Wow.  Who could have thought of that.  Little kids not wanting to be cooped up in school all day.

Every time the boys disobey, they get a zero for conduct.  It's a very repetitive movie.  Tiny things happen, the boys overreact, and they plot a rebellion.  For example, a teacher steals a student's hidden chocolate stash.  What does the student think will happen once he gets to high school?  That's why high schools have lockers!  If you leave your stuff out, it will be stolen.  They do have one cool teacher, though.  I think all schools have one exceptionally cool teacher.  The rest of the teachers are dull and overbearing.

Then, the boys complain that they are tired of having beans for lunch.  I can remember how horrible the school lunches were here.  But I never thought to plan a rebellion and run across the roof.

Yeah, that's their rebellion.  They all climb into the attic, hurl random objects onto the celebration below and then run across the roof.  And yet, I wonder what the point of this is.  I really got nothing out of this short film.  At least it's short.  I think there were large parts that were cut and didn't make it into the final cut of the film.  At lot of it seems jumpy or missing.  And the film itself didn't age well at all.  It's very grainy.  I will give this film a 5/10.


  1. Yes, it is horrible. Even seen as a fable full of metaphors it still sucks. I tried seeing it twice but it did not help. There are better youth rebellion films out there.

    1. True, and I didn't even know it was a metaphor.