Sunday, September 22, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Today's film is Star Dark Into Darkness, which is a glossy high-tech retelling of the Wrath of Khan and Space Seed, the Star Trek episode.  I'm giving it a 6/10.
So as we learned from Star Trek, the timeline changed so new characters and experiences can emerge.  Therefore, I was highly disappointed to see a remake of Wrath of Khan.  I don't care how high tech it is, or how much cgi they use.  I actually got bored in some parts, especially parts that seemed to be all action and no plot (or maybe too much plot).

I also learned that my husband has never seen the original Star Trek series and I plan to rectify that immediately.  It's on Netflix instant right now if you want to watch it too.  Replacing Ricardo Montalban as Khan is Benedict Cumberbatch, a blond guy with a super deep voice that I can't understand Anything he says. Anything.  My husband was so lost watching this film, and I filled him in with details from the two sources (the original movie and episode).  A lot of it seems based on the episode more than the first movie.  Trust me, if I hadn't seen them, I would have been super lost as well.  Honestly, this is the crapola we get from a director that claimed that Star Trek was "too philosophical for me".

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