Thursday, September 12, 2013

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Today's film is Requiem for a Dream.  It is a very dark and disturbing drama that will keep you up all night and leave you feeling empty inside.  The film takes us through the paths of four people whose lives are destroyed by drugs.

Three characters fall victim to heroin addiction. One is addicted to amphetamines.  Their lives go swimmingly for a while but then gradually fall apart.  Marion, a promising dress designer, loses everything to her addiction.  Tyrone and Harry made a lot of money selling their drugs, but as their stash and cash dwindle, they follow a shipment to Florida.  There, Harry's infected arm becomes too much to handle and has to be amputated and Tyrone is arrested.

Harry's mother, Sara Goldfarb, becomes inadvertently addicted to amphetamines while trying to find a quick way to diet.  She's also addicted to television.  Her life is empty. All she has is her empty boring apartment, her television constantly set to the same reality show, and sitting outside with all the other old ladies.

The most stunning part of the film is the score.  It is so beautiful.  I listened to the score long before I watched this film.  Another beautiful element is the color choices.  Sara is covered in red.  She has red hair and an unusual red hair dye job.  The red matches her manic state.  The other addicts wear dark, drab colors.  Marion always wears gray, one of the darkest and most depressing colors.  Their costumes go from brighter in the beginning to darker and grayer as the movie progresses.

This one of the the darkest films I have ever seen.  It was well written and every character is someone I wanted to succeed, but their addiction became too much for them to handle.  I will give this film a 9/10.

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