Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rushmore (1998)

Today's film is Rushmore, a film about first love and immaturity.  It stars Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer, a prep student who is failing since he spends so much time at his endless extracurricular activities.  While on academic probation, he meets Miss Cross, a teacher in the elementary section of the school.  He spends much of his time flirting with her instead of studying.

If a math problem only takes up one blackboard, it's not
"the hardest math problem ever".

He becomes friends with Mr. Blume after hearing his speech at school.  Max convinces him to give him start up money for a giant aquarium (to impress Miss Cross).  Max starts breaking ground on the aquarium on what else but the school's baseball field.  Without asking permission from the school or even telling anyone there what was going on.  So he gets expelled.

Meanwhile, Mr. Blume meets Miss Cross and falls in love with her.  This begins a series of pranks between him and Max, who is jealous because Miss Cross wants nothing to do with a 15-year-old.  The pranks turn deadly when Max snips the brakeline of Mr. Blume's car.

Turns out Miss Cross doesn't want either of them and they have been wasting their time.  They were friends before she got between them.  Max apologizes to Mr. Blume by creating a play awfully similar to Apocalypse Now.  So, now they are friends again and have matured in some way.  Also, Max is dating someone his own age.

That's really it.  It's a very simple story, and to me was very predictable.  This has to be my least favorite of Wes Anderson's films.  It didn't have that same feeling at all.  I'm going to rate this a 5/10.

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