Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scorpio Rising (1964)

What!? A short that doesn't suck terribly and doesn't utterly confuse me?

Thanks Kobe for expressing how I feel. The most striking element of this short is that there is no dialogue or score. Throughout the short, there is 50's pop music playing, and in a strange way, the lyrics of the songs help carry us through the story.  The film provides a glimpse into the life of greasers, motorcycle loving-guys from the city.  Along with the gangs of bikers, we see glances of Nazis and Jesus' followers.  Are we all sheep following leaders like these three different groups are? Do we always have to categorize ourselves, whether it be by race, accent, or culture? I don't know. The film doesn't ask any questions at all. Nor does it provide any answers. It simply shows us a moment in time with a very specific group of people.  This film gets a 10/10 for not pissing me off.

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