Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Today's film is The Breakfast Club.  It is a great film that can never be remade for this decade.  It's a very nostalgic film.  Five high school students are trapped in a school for Saturday detention.  They are all part of different cliques and at first ignore each other.  But, as the day progresses because they're there for eight hours, they actually start talking to each other and learn more about each other.  Also, the principal watching them is a jerk.

This film could never be remade for today.  First of all, out of the entire high school, there are only 5 people in detention.  In my school, there'd be about 40 people in there and you know it.  Allison wouldn't have been there without reason because she wouldn't have been allowed.  I was a troublemaker and was in detention all the time.

Since Andrew taped a guy's buttcheeks together in the locker room, that would "sexual assault" and he'd be in juvie.  Bryan brought a flare gun which went off in his locker.  Thanks to the Zero Tolerance Law, he'd be expelled from school for one year and probably be in jail as well as counseling for suicide once they found out his true reason for bringing it.  A child in a school near here got expelled for biting a pop-tart into the shape of a gun and playing with it.  A pop-tart.

This film shows what can happen when people let their guard down and get to know one another.  The students learn that they all have similar issues and face pressure from their parents and friends.  They learned that they can find friends in the most unexpected places.

Also, no one has time to talk to each other anymore because they're too busy playing on their phones. 
People today are too easily offended by everything and have no desire to learn about the world outside their social circle.  If it takes more effort than liking on facebook, then it's too much effort.  I don't have a smartphone yet, but a lot of people try and make you feel like you need one.  This movie is a piece of 80's heaven. I'm going to give it a 10/10.

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