Sunday, January 11, 2015

Atlantic City (1980)

Today's film is Atlantic City, which features Susan Sarandon as Sally, a character that I feel bad for.  Sally just tries so hard and nothing goes right for her.  She works in an oyster bar inside a casino hotel while training to be a card dealer.

Everything is going great for Sally until! her loser husband shows up out of nowhere with stolen drugs.  And guess what?  He knocked up her little sister as well.  Wow, what a stand up guy.  Her husband even gets the neighbors involved in his drug deals.  The neighbor who gets involved is Lou, played by Burt Lancaster.  He believes that he is some big time gangster from long ago, but he is all talk.  He also peeps at Sally when she squirts lemons all over herself (to remove fish smell), but you know no one is making her do that in front of a window.

Word gets around that Sally's husband is a drug dealer, so she is fired from dealer school, something that she truly enjoyed.  Now, she is stuck working at the oyster bar and is really upset.  We learn that she was similarly fired from Las Vegas as well because of him.  She left to escape him and his drug dealing ways and yet he still follows her.  He's using her.  Her sister is naive and ditzy, but not really a bad person.  She doesn't wear seatbelts because she doesn't believe in gravity.  After all, it is just a theory.

Her husband gets killed by the mob and we're not really upset about it.  Lou handles all the burial and funeral arrangements for Sally, because he is nice.  Later, he kills two mobsters and finally feels like the real gangster he claims to be.  He admits this to Sally.  Sally takes some of the money from the hit and escapes, presumably to France because she talks about it earlier (and is trying to learn French), while Lou goes back to his old lady friend back in Atlantic City.

I enjoyed this film because the characters were realistic, and even though it is a drama, it is not too dramatic.  I will give this film a 7/10.

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