Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lego Movie (2014)

We watched the Oscars last night, and Azalea stayed up late just to hear the Frozen song, "Let it Go", live.  However, it was cut to 2 minutes and felt rushed and she was very disappointed.  This was the first time I let her stay up to watch the whole show since she watches most films with me.  It appears that White Guilt won best picture this year.  So we decided today we would watch a fun movie.  Today's film is The Lego Movie.

"Everything is awesome" about The Lego Movie.  There are over 3 million unique Lego bricks used in this film.  I didn't how how Azalea would react to this movie since she doesn't know what Legos are.  Part of her sensory issue is that she mouths everything.  She knows not to swallow what she's mouthing but I can't take any risk.  So she's not allowed to play with them until she gets out of this stage. But she loved this movie.  It's funny and family friendly.  All of the pictures are actual set pieces from the film.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) is a generic construction worker who lives live by the rules.  He does this so well that he's almost a blank slate that has no personality at all.  He is identified as an extraordinary person and a master builder by the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman).  But he's no master builder, however, he does have some rather unique ideas.  Such as a bunk-couch.  Turns out his ideas aren't as pointless as everyone believes.

This movie was surprisingly good for one based on a toy brand.  Most of these are made only to sell toys, you know, look at the Transformers cartoons.  But this film celebrates what we love about Lego.  Some people like buying the sets and carefully putting the pieces together following the rules.  Some people are true master builders, like the people who built the giant Maleficient.  Most people are like Emmet.  We like to put random pieces together and see what unique pieces we can build.  There is no right or wrong with playing Lego.

This movie has lots of cameos, from superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, to the actors who voice them.  There's even Gandalf and Dumbledore, and some Star Wars characters, too.  The only problem is that the movie is almost too fast paced.  So much happens that some parts can be forgettable.  Other than that, this movie was well done.  We will give it a 9/10.

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